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Bollywood Parks

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Bollywood Parks is a vibrant celebration of India’s storied film industry – a place where guests can live, learn, and experience the delightful fantasy of Bollywood’s movie legacy.

“For the first time ever, a theme park in the region will recreate for residents and tourists the unparalleled glamour and extravagance of Bollywood on one stage.”
The National UAE

The worldwide appeal and enthusiastic desire for India’s epic romances, swashbuckling thrillers and dazzling musicals can only be described as extraordinary.

Target Opening: 2016

Mycotoo was brought on board to lead the strategic master planning for Bollywood Parks, as part of it’s concept refinement all the way through the detail design phase.

As part of this planning effort, Mycotoo organized and staffed the creative design team (Riva Creative USA) with over 170 professionals to execute the concept development, schematic design, and the detail design phase of park.

Our team held various production roles including Executive Producer, Lead Creative Director, Lead Landscape Architect, Area Creative Director and Senior Production Coordinator.

In partnership with The Riva Group, Mycotoo’s creative direction and involvement in the park included: Creative Direction, Show Writing, Keynote Presentation Designs, Art Direction.

Creative Direction extended into leading the design narrative presentation, at key milestones in the project schedule, as a communication and marketing tool for the client, client representatives and miscellaneous contractors involved in the project.

Mycotoo played major roles in providing and preserving the creative intent of the project all the way through the schematic and detail design phases, including supervision of the creative direction, art direction and facility design management.

Photos: ℅ The Riva Group

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